Privacy Policy

  • Handling of personal information Collection of personal information
    • When using this site, users’ personal information is not collected by the Japan Hotel Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association"). However, in the case of online surveys, etc., the collection of personal information on an irregular basis does take place.
    • If the Association carries out the collection of personal information through this site, it shall post the purposes of the collection, the details of the information to be collected, and the disclosure or provision of the info to third parties.
    • On this site, we provide a link to member hotels’ proprietary "Your reservations" screen. Regarding the handling of personal information when using this reservation screen, please check the privacy policy as separately set by each hotel.
  • Regarding the access log
    • On this site, we carry out recording of access logs, including the IP address of the user, and ensure their saving of these.
    • Individual users cannot be identified with the IP address that was obtained by the site.
    • The access log associated with this site is not used for any purposes other than for diagnosis of problems related to the server used for this site, and for statistical analysis of number of times accessed and related trends. Information about users’ access tendencies are used for planning of future management of the site.
  • Use of the site Copyright
    • The copyright for of all the text, photos, illustrations, programs, and the digital information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "content") that is posted on this site belong exclusively to the Association or the Association member hotels.
    • Any content in this site cannot be employed for personal use without the permission of the company. Except as permitted by the Copyright Act, etc., any copying, reproduction, sale or rental of such latter is prohibited.
  • Disclaimer
    • The Association does not provide any guarantee related to completeness, accuracy, reliability, or usefulness of the contents of services that the Association provides or the information the user obtains through the service.
    • The Association will not assume any responsibility related to damages (including damage caused by troubles arising between others) incurred to the user during normal use of the services provided, and it will not shoulder any obligation of compensation.
  • Regarding accessibility
    • This site was developed taking into consideration various use environments so that the largest possible number of people can access it.
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